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GCash records 1 million trees planted in GForest

Globe's GCash announced its latest milestone of 1 million virtual trees planted through its GForest feature on the app.
GCash records 1 million trees planted in GForest
File photo of a man-made forest in Bohol

1 million trees achieved!

Based on their website there are about 52,000 trees that are being lost every day. But through the GForest feature, users of the financial app are able to plant trees virtually which also equates to real trees that the company plants on their behalf. GCash says that this translates to one million physical trees planted in watersheds and rainforests around the country.

The feature which was established 2 years ago is a platform for users to earn "green energy points" by using cashless services. They can then use the points to plant virtual trees of their liking. According to the app, GForest now has nine million users.

The Fintech player aims to plant roughly 1.3 million trees through the sustainability feature next year.

To expand its Green program, GCash also collaborated with different organizations such as the World Wide Fund for Nature Philippines, Ayala Land Inc., Ramon Aboitiz Foundation, Inc. (RAFI), HOPE, and Century Pacific Food, Inc. to plant trees in the Ipo Watershed, Alaminos Carbon Forest, Luyang Watershed, and the provinces of South Cotabato and Sarangani. Gcash is also trying to look for more sites that are capable of reforesting.

The president and CEO of GCash, Martha Sazon says that they are also trying to raise awareness as the impacts of climate change are evident and that through the GForest, they hope that more Filipinos are empowered to take part in preserving the environment.

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