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PayMaya Verified Sellers lets you shop from legitimate businesses

To further its users' peace of mind while shopping online, PayMaya introduces the PayMaya Verified Sellers. 
PayMaya Verified Sellers lets you shop from legitimate businesses
PayMaya Verified Sellers

PayMaya's stamp of approval

The PayMaya Verified Sellers is a way for PayMaya to protect its users from online scams. It's also a feature that makes transactions safer for both buyers and sellers using the PayMaya app.

Sellers who want to get this special badge will undergo another layer of screening to ensure that they are legitimate online businesses and are on good standing. This process is on top of the standard registration and upgrade process for PayMaya app users.

Once verified, the badge will appear beside the seller's name that customers can easily spot right before they transfer their payments in-app.

Filipinos are naturally enterprising—we have seen accelerated growth in the number of online sellers who are utilizing our PayMaya consumer app amid the pandemic. Online sellers need all the support they can, and we are very excited to provide them with embedded features such as the first verified sellers' mark for an e-wallet app, said Shailesh Baidwan, PayMaya President. 

Sellers using PayMaya as a means of payment method can track their transaction history in real-time. This allows them to instantly check the payments transferred to their account and not fall prey to bogus buyers sending fake transaction receipt screenshots.

With PayMaya Verified Sellers, we aim to grow the number of online sellers and buyers as we promote trust within this ecosystem, Baidwan added.

PayMaya also claims they have a 99.9 percent uptime rate meaning online sellers and buyers can be confident that transactions will go through instantly.

PayMaya app is available for download for free in Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

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