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Rocket League Sideswipe now available on Android and iOS

Rocket League Sideswipe, the mobile port of the famously known Rocket League PC is now available free for download on iOS and Android.
Rocket League Sideswipe now available on Android and iOS
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Now available on mobile devices!

To recap, the new mobile game was tipped to launch this year back in March. It is developed by Psyonix under the Epic Games umbrella. Just like the PC version, it has the same idea of football but uses cars instead. The players will have to steer their vehicles and aim the ball through the enemy's goalpost.

The key distinction between the standard version and Sideswipe is that the standard version takes place in a fully three-dimensional environment with 360-degree movement and complete control of the camera, whereas Sideswipe takes place on a two-dimensional plane but has 3D elements and requires only two axes of control. The controls are drastically simplified as a result, making it ideal for use on a smartphone with limited touch controls.

Entering Sideswipe, you can choose to play either 1v1 or 2v2. The game discovers the remaining participants for you and matches them up automatically. Once you've started, your goal is to win as many points as possible against the opposing squad. You can move using the joystick and you can also perform a single or double jump, as well as increase your speed for a short duration. Using these skills, the players can fire the comically large ball through the huge goalposts.

There will also be a Ranking system for players who want to test their skills in a competitive environment, and a garage for players who want to customize their cars.

During our short playtime, we liked the simple controls and we were able to perform good combinations with them. And despite only having four players on the screen, the game has delivered action-packed and thrilling moments. It also has catchy soundtracks giving you a good vibe when playing.

What do you guys think?

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