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Epic Games introduces Hollywood Star "The Rock" as a skin in Fortnite

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson takes the role of "The Foundation" as he makes his debut into the Fornite world, Epic Games makes him playable as a skin.
Epic Games introduces Hollywood Star "The Rock" as a skin in Fortnite
Image of Dwayne Johnson in the trailer

"The Rock" unmasked as "The Foundation"

Heads up, "The Foundation" is the helmeted figure introduced in the game's Chapter 2, a heroic vigilante trying to stop bad guys into doing bad things in the Fortnite verse, this time though as the game embarks for the next chapter, they have unmasked the mysterious muscular gunner. Turns out it's the iconic Hollywood actor himself as seen in the trailer.
Masked version
Masked version

You may check the video below.

Now that he made his appearance in the game, Epic Games will turn his image as a playable skin donning full armor with some resemblance to his tattoo with it.

However, it's not surprising that one of the highest-paid actors today will be portraying the character. Aside from the muscular frame similarities from the character, in one of Dwayne's Instagram posts, he showed a teaser when promoting the ZOA Energy drink, there's a glimpse of "The Foundation" Helmet seen when he opens the freezer containing the drinks.
Photo from his Instagram post
Photo from his Instagram post

With that being said, judging from the ending of the trailer, it looks like the actor's character will give some thrilling adventures and do heroic things in the world of Fornite.

What do you guys think?

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