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Canon EOS R5 C designed for hybrid Cinema EOS workflow now official

The Canon EOS R5 C is a camera that aims to bridge the gap between the base R5 and Cinema EOS cameras. It is able to handle stills and cinema works. 
Canon EOS R5 C designed for hybrid Cinema EOS workflow now official
Canon EOS R5 C is now official for USD 4,500!

Canon EOS R5 C hybrid camera now official

It has active cooling to shoot 8K footage up to 60fps
It has active cooling to shoot 8K footage up to 60fps

The EOS R5 is great at still photography but is no Cinema EOS camera. The EOS R5 C will solve that problem. With it, you will get a camera able to do still photography and cinema filming in a professional level.

It has a similar body to the R5 but it adds active cooling. This form factor also makes it the smallest and lightest Cinema EOS camera as of yet. The active cooling is added to be able to shoot 8K videos at 30fps for an extended period of time with no problems. You can also record 8K 60fps videos when you plug it into a power supply.

It also has 8K DCI RAW support. The EOS R5 C has three 8K 12-bit RAW modes and a 4K 10-bit XF-AVC mode in total. The camera has two memory card slots, one CF Express (Type B), and one SD UHS-II. This allows the EOS R5 C to record both in different formats and resolutions at the same time.

When you change the resolution to 4K or 1080p, the video is oversampled from 8K for better quality and noise reduction. You can also shoot 4K at 120 fps mode with voice recording and Dual Pixel focusing. EOS iTR AF X technology for head and face tracking is also supported.

The dedicated timecode interface allows you to sync several cameras along with the new multi-function shoe that accepts the Tascam CA-XLR2d-C microphone adaptor for up to 4-channel audio are also features that professionals will appreciate.

In theory, the EOS R5 C is 2 cameras in 1. The power switch can either boot you to an EOS R5 for photos or Cinema EOS for video. The camera features a full-frame 45 MP sensor, a Digic X processor, and most of the R5's shooting settings.

It has a burst rate of up to 20 frames per second. For tracking, it has Eye Detection as well as animal and vehicle tracking. The camera can use RF mount lenses as well as EF lenses with the use of an adaptor. The Dual Base ISO feature allows for increased light sensitivity while reducing noise to a minimum.

In-body image stabilization is the only feature absent from the R5. However, the R5 C includes advanced 5-axis electronic stabilization that works with both stabilized and unstabilized lenses.

A 3.2-inch articulated display and a 0.5" OLED viewfinder are included in the camera. There are 13 customizable buttons all around the body for controls as well. The Browser remote feature, which requires the WFT-R10B attachment, allows you to control the camera directly from the web browser on your phone or tablet. Content Transfer Mobile, if you don't mind installing an app, can effortlessly copy files from the camera to your mobile. You may edit metadata and upload your photographs to image.canon with it as well.

International price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Canon EOS R5 C - USD 4,500 (around PHP 231K)

Canon EOS R5 C is priced at USD 4,500.

Local price and availability are yet to be confirmed. We will update you as soon as we get more information.

Source: Canon

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