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Google will help protect elections website and individuals from cyberattacks

Google commits to providing extra protection against online threats to high-risk organizations and individuals during the 2022 Philippine elections.
Google will help protect elections website and individuals from cyberattacks
How will Google protect the 2022 PH elections?

Google is here to protect during the 2022 Philippine elections

Google is accepting applications for Project Shield from Philippine human rights, election monitoring, and media organizations, as well as individual journalists. Jigsaw and Google's Project Shield offers free, limitless protection against DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks, which are used to restrict information by putting websites down.

Using Google's infrastructure and DDoS techniques, Project Shield screens out harmful communications. If a website is subjected to a DDoS attack, Google's servers will block the attackers' traffic in order to keep the website operational.

Google's Advanced Protection Program (APP) aims to protect policymakers, candidates, campaign teams, journalists, and activists against cyberattacks. Before the Philippine elections, Google is proposing to enroll these people in APP to protect them from a number of online risks, such as sophisticated phishing attacks, malware and other dangerous downloads on Chrome and Android, and unauthorized access to their personal account data such as Gmail, Drive or Photos. APP develops to deliver the most up-to-date defenses as new threats are uncovered.

APP combines Google's high-level security features into comprehensive software that is updated on a regular basis in reaction to new threats.

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