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CES 2022: LG introduces a 97-inch 4K OLED TV,86-inch 8K QNED Mini LED TV, and more

During CES 2022, LG just introduces a myriad of new OLED and QNED Mini LED TVs. It includes a huge 97-inch OLED and 86-inch QNED models. Read on!
CES 2022: LG introduces a 97-inch 4K OLED TV,86-inch 8K QNED Mini LED TV, and more
LG announced new OLED and QNED TVs during CES 2022

LG announces biggest G2 series TV, smallest OLED TV, and 86-inch QNED TV

New webos 22, smaller bezels, better display panels, and new processor
New WebOS 22, smaller bezels, better display panels, and a new processor

First off, we have the 42-inch C2 4K OLED TV that is touted as the smallest in the series yet. Although not much has been revealed yet for its specs and features, LG shared what improvements we can expect for the C2 series itself. The series will feature thinner bezels, a Brightness Booster technology, and improved heat management, and a more advanced image algorithm.

LG also showcased its biggest 4K G2 OLED TV yet at 97-inches. It is expected to feature a beautiful flush-to-the-wall Gallery Design, the new Brightness Booster technology, better thermals, and NVIDIA G-Sync support. There's also a new 86-inch 8K QNED Mini LED TV that boasts to provide a smooth 8K gaming experience with support for the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 series GPUs.

The 2022 LG OLED Z2, C2, G2, QNED Mini LED, QNED99, and QNED95 models will feature the new α 9 Gen 5 processor with improved deep learning capabilities to provide better upscaling performance as well as LG AI Sound Pro that can produce a virtual 7.1.2 surround experience with the TVs' built-in speakers.

User experience is expected to be improved as well with the launch of webOS 22 which will be loaded out of the box to LG's 2022 TV lineup. It will have new features such as personal profiles for personalized options for streaming services, recommendations, and real-time alerts. Logging into your profiles can be done via the TV browser or from a smartphone with the NFC Magic Tap. There's also an option to mirror one TV to another via the Room-to-Room Share feature.

There will also be an Always Ready option that turns LG TVs into media displays when not in use. With a push of the power button on the LG Remote, Always Ready transforms the screen into a digital canvas for displaying artwork, maintaining time, or playing music.

The panels in LG's 2022 OLED ranges have been approved by Intertek for 100 percent color integrity and 100 percent color volume. TÜV Rheinland and Underwriters Laboratories have both verified these OLEDs as flicker-free and glare-free. TÜV Rheinland also recognized the models for their low blue light performance and touted them as the first models in the world to meet Eyesafe's low blue light emission requirement. Filmmaker Mode is also available when watching via Amazon Prime Video.

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