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LG brings QNED MiniLED Smart TVs with Quantum Dot and NanoCell tech to the Philippines!

South Korean tech titan LG yesterday revealed that its new QLED Smart TVs are now available in the Philippines.

Smart TVs in PH with QNED Mini LED Smart TVs with Quantum Dot and NanoCell tech!

As a quick recap, LG's QNED MiniLED technology combines Mini LEDs with its Quantum Dot and NanoCell technologies. With this solution, the company is promising that it is an "industry-leading" display designed to deliver high-quality pictures with deeper blacks and more vibrant colors.
LG claims that its QNED MiniLED Smart TVs are the superior TVs
LG claims that its QNED MiniLED Smart TVs are the superior TVs

How did they do this? LG explained that Mini LEDs are an advanced light source technology that is significantly smaller than the usual backlit found on conventional LCD displays. This allows the LG QNED Mini LED to pack more LEDs and more dimming zones into the screen with higher peak brightness, deeper blacks, and a level of precision and detail that cannot be matched by LCD TVs.

It also has approximately 30,000 Mini LEDs with close to 2,500 unique dimming zones that reduce the halo effect.
With "great picture quality and colors"
With "great picture quality and colors"

LG also said that it has been tested by independent third-party testing (Intertek) to certify that the new QNED Mini LED TVs have excellent color reproduction with a wider color gamut that can deliver rich colors even at maximum brightness levels.

The new TVs also have 100 percent high color consistency even when viewed from wide angles. It was measured at ±30° with 100 percent color consistency.

At Lazada, we found two models of the device. The LG 75QNED95SPA 75in 8K with 75-inch screen size and 8K resolution and the LG 65QNED91SPA 65in 4K with 65-inch screen size and 4K resolution.

Price and availability

LG 65QNED91SPA 65in 4K - PHP 149,990 (PHP 134,991 Lazada listed sale price)
LG 75QNED95SPA 75in 8K - PHP 259,990 (PHP 233,991 Lazaa listed sale price)

According to LG, the new TVs are available for purchase from 
authorized dealers nationwide and Shopee and Lazada online.

What do you guys think?

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