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NTC: Manny Villar secures former ABS-CBN frequencies

Advanced Media Broadcasting System (AMBS) has just secured a provisional authority to operate a digital television broadcasting system in Metro Manila and Mega Manila using Channel 16. The analog TV Channel 2 (until 2023) has been temporarily assigned to AMBS as well.
Photo of Manny Villar from his Facebook page

Channel 2 is now AMBS?

Channel 2 is the frequency that is popularly attached with media giant ABS-CBN in the country.

AMBS is a company linked to billionaire and former senator Manny Villar. CNN Philippines reports that it seems a revival of the company's application filed in October 2006.
Copy of the order
Copy of the order

A copy of the permit National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) notes that it has granted a provisional authority to the company to install, operate, and maintain a digital television broadcasting system in Metro Manila using Channel 16.

Advanced Media will operate from 7 AM to 10 PM from Villar's Starmall in Mandaluyong City. The permit shall be used only for test broadcast purposes.

The order was dated last January 6.

After the technical evaluation of AMBS request for a simulcast channel, Channel 2 (the paired analog channel in Mega Manila of digital channel 16) was temporarily assigned to AMBS, the NTC said. This temporary assignment is for simulcast purposes only, and only until the analog shut-off scheduled in 2023

The news comes almost two years after ABS-CBN lost in its franchise renewal push.

The company received a 25-year franchise to operate TV service last 2019.

Sources: CNN, ABS-CBN

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