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CBCP wants online mass chatrooms and comments disabled to avoid distractions

CBCP has recommended that distractions such as chatrooms, prayer intentions, and emoji reactions on live-streamed masses be disabled.
CBCP wants online mass chatrooms and comments disabled to avoid distractions
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CBCP issued guidelines for live-streamed masses

The Catholic Bishops' Conference of the Philippines wants people to attend only live masses online. However, it wants to turn off distractions so attendees can focus on ongoing Eucharistic celebrations.

About a week ago, the religious institution issued a two-page "Recommended Guidelines for Livestreaming the Liturgy". According to the guidelines, the surge in COVID-19 cases prompted many of the faithful to turn to the online masses. It added, 

Christ's faithful are to hold the blessed Eucharist in the highest honor. To this end, we are to avoid any possible distractions. Chatrooms and running commentaries (prayer intentions and the like), as well as emoji reactions, should be disabled while mass is going on.

CBCP also states that only live-streamed masses and not pre-recorded masses should be transmitted and participated by those who wish to join in prayer and in spiritual communion as much as possible.

Once the circumstances allow, people should physically attend masses like they did before. CBCP explained that Diocesan bishops shall inform and form the People of God to return to physical presence and communal participation with the Lord in the Eucharist in the churches. This is, of course, without prejudice to health and safety protocols.

Among the few other recommendations of the CBCP is for all online masses to be registered with their diocese for monitoring purposes. In this way, the diocesan bishop can allegedly encourage more online masses, or limit them if they are already too many. They can also monitor if the masses are not keeping with the liturgical standards.

The issued guidelines also said that Eucharistic celebration should also be done according to the directives of the General Instruction of the Roman Missal. Lastly, masses should also be celebrated in sacred places, and any other place would be regarded as exceptional.

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