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Globe at Home announces upgraded GFiber Unli plans for as low as PHP 1,599/month!

Globe At Home is announcing that it has a FREE speed boost to its GFiber Unli plans. The 50Mbps PHP 1599 plan gets up to 100Mbps with the boost!
Globe at Home announces upgraded GFiber Unli plans for as low as PHP 1,599/month!
Check out the improved Globe GFiber Unli Plans!

FREE Speed boost with the Globe GFiber Unli Plans

The GFiber Unli 1599 is touted as Globe At Home's best beginning plan. It provides Filipino homes with speeds of up to 50Mbps.

According to the company, its users can enjoy up to 100Mbps with this plan's three-month free 50Mbps speed boost. This could be great for supporting work-from-home setups, online businesses, virtual classes, entertainment, gaming, shopping, and more.

There are other faster plans as well as follows:

GFiber Unli Plan 1499 - 40Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 1599 - 50Mbps boosted to 100Mbps for 3 months
GFiber Unli Plan 1699 - 60Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 1899 - 100Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 2099 - 150Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 2199 - 200Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 2499 - 250Mbps
GFiber Unli Plab 2699 - 300Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 2899 - 350Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 3499 - 400Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 4999 - 500Mbps
GFiber Unli Plan 9499 - 1Gbps

GFiber Unli Plans 1599 and higher include a 3-month subscription to entertainment apps such as Viu Premium, HBO Go, and Amazon Prime, as well as a 3-month subscription to Konsulta MD, which allows subscribers to engage in 24/7 teleconsultation with a medical doctor.

Previously, Globe at Home also announced that existing customers of GFiber Unli plans will receive FREE speed boosts as well. Migrating customers can also take advantage of an exclusive GFiber Unli 1299 plan with up to 35Mbps of speed.

Check all of the plans here.

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