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Meta might be forced to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe!

As a new EU law passes that requires companies to keep EU data in European servers only, Meta says that it might close down shop in the region.
Meta might be forced to shut down Facebook and Instagram in Europe!
Meta to pull out Facebook and Instagram in Europe?

No Facebook and Instagram in Europe?

The new law states that any company that gathers user data within the European Union's jurisdiction will be required to keep and process the data in European servers only. This is a big issue for Meta as it runs servers for Facebook and Instagram in the US and Europe.

Why is this a big deal? Meta uses these strategically placed servers in both regions for ad targeting and businesses that operate on both social media platforms. What does this mean for the users? If Meta is forced to abide by the new law, the company will not be able to continue its operations within the jurisdiction of the European Union.

Meta believes that the enforcement of the new law will be detrimental to businesses that rely on services and ads on social media platforms. This is another ding in Meta's business which also saw a 25 percent decline in daily active users.

As a reminder, Meta is Mark Zuckerberg's giant company that serves as the mother company of different social media apps including Facebook and Instagram. Any decision Meta makes will almost always affect Facebook and Instagram among others.

What do you guys think?

Source: GSMArena

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