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PLDT introduces MyOwnWiFi Plan for half the price of the subscriber's base plan

PLDT just released MyOwnWiFi plans that can be a secondary connection with the same speed as the base plan, but at half the cost.
PLDT introduces MyOwnWiFi Plan for half the price of the subscriber's base plan
No installation needed

Same speed but 50 percent cheaper?

According to PLDT, the service allows the subscriber to have a secondary Wi-Fi connection that is separate from the Subscriber's existing Wi-Fi connection without the need to apply for another PLDT Home Fibr account or modem. 

The telco giant is offering its subscribers to avail a secondary plan under the original base plan. According to the website, it will include one (1) piece of TP-Link Deco M4 or Tenda Nova MW6 Wi-Fi Mesh as part of the bundle to allow multiple devices to use the service. 

PLDT said that the secondary Wi-Fi will be activated within twenty-four (24) hours after the Subscriber’s acceptance of the subscription via a call from the office. The contract said that it has a lock-in period of twenty-four (24) months. After approval of the plan, the bundled Wi-Fi Mesh will be delivered to your doorstep for FREE.

The secondary Wi-Fi connection can be dedicated for purposes of working from home or online learning, while the existing Wi-Fi connection can be used for other purposes.

The only thing that needs to be done is connect the WiFi Mesh to LAN Port 2 of the existing modem. It means no installation process is required to activate it.

Price and availability

MyOwnWiFi Plan (15Mbps) - PHP 649
MyOwnWiFi Plan (50Mbps) - PHP 849
MyOwnWiFi Plan (100Mbps) - PHP 1,049
MyOwnWiFi Plan (300Mbps) - PHP 1,349

If you are interested to apply for  MyOwnWiFi Plan, you may visit the PLDT Home website or call 171.

Note that this offer is exclusive to existing PLDT Home Fibr subscribers only.

Source: PLDT Home

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