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National ID "sufficient proof" of identity, Duterte says

President Rodrigo Duterte signed an executive order institutionalizing the acceptance of the Philippine or National ID system as sufficient proof of identity and age in all private and government transactions.
National ID "sufficient proof" of identity, Duterte says
National ID

Duterte to govt agencies, private sector: Accept National ID for all transactions

Executive Order No. 162 stressed the need to institutionalize the acceptance of the PhilID and PSN (PhilSys Number), as authenticated, as sufficient proof of identity in all forms of transactions.

The top leader said the National ID shall serve as the state's central identification platform for all citizens and resident aliens of the country.

This, as the government aims to enhance the delivery of social services, expand financial inclusion, and promote ease of doing business.

Unless otherwise provided by law, the presentation of the PhilID, PSN, or PSN Derivative, as authenticated, shall be sufficient proof of identification and of all other personal details stated therein, without need for presentation of other identification documents, the order stated.

The national ID may be presented instead of a birth certificate in applications for a marriage license, student driver's permit, or conductor’s license, the Professional Regulation Commission, and those relative to voter’s registration, the order said.

It can also be used to enroll at public and private schools or register for the Philippine Educational Placement Test.

The order mandates the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) to ensure that “cardholders or holders of PSNs will not be prejudiced if authentication cannot be performed through no fault on the part of said persons.”

Last week, the PSA said about 55 million Filipinos have already registered for the National ID system.

So far, only 6 million cards have been released.

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