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TECNO teams up with BBC StoryWorks to promote its Camera technologies

To showcase its camera technologies, TECNO has teamed up with BBC StoryWorks, a reputable content studio under the wing of BBC Global News.
TECNO teams up with BBC StoryWorks to promote its Camera technologies
The "Future Lens"

The collab between the companies has created a short film called " The Future Lens: Looking Ahead With TECNO".  In this clip, you will see how the mobile brand gives its customers from emerging markets access to inclusive mobile camera technologies.

Cameras have evolved over the years, but unfortunately, it feels like the technology isn't created with everyone in mind. As a photographer, I think one of the most intimate things you can do is take a portrait of someone that accurately portrays who they are.” according to the photographer, Justin Amoafo.

The company says they imagine a world where inclusive phone design can take part in forming communities, linking people with one another ensuring no one is left behind.

The video also shows the capabilities of the revolutionary tech portrait imaging and has enabled users with darker skin tones to express themselves.

TECNO mentions that they had a great impact in overcoming the technical issues of exposure, colors, and hues in portrait photography, thanks to advancements that can significantly boost light intake and a huge database that spans 7 skin types throughout 76 skin categories. Also, they have the TAIVOS Camera Lab, which has 3,000 local samples with estimated 6,120 evaluation scenarios covering 115 countries enabling the camera lab team to focus on localized ethnic research, social aesthetic ideology, and aesthetic preference research, which makes the product image effect direction experience adapt to localized trends. All of these breakthroughs provide their consumers with technology that does not need them to adjust, but rather caters to their needs.

The future Lens is the world without limit. Technology should include everyone and let us be our true selves, instead of being depicted through a subjective lens. I believe that it should be the mission of humans to create the technology that is more understanding and inclusive of all of us, said Li Jiangtao, Senior Director of TECNO Imaging Product and head of TECNO TAIVOS™ Camera Lab.

Lastly, the mobile brand also said that being a rising innovator in camera tech, they are devoted to emerging market-specific approaches to bringing the "Future Lens" camera concept to their consumers.

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