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Twitch newest program brings reliable pay to streamers

Twitch launches a new program that will give content creators a stable income through the Ad Incentive Program or AIP.
Twitch newest program brings reliable pay to streamers
The AIP banner

Guaranteed income to their partners

Basically, the AIP is the platform's initiative that will pay an assured monthly minimum amount of ad revenue to select streamers. Twitch will send eligible affiliate or partner streamers a message with varied payouts based on the number of ads run per hour and total hours streamed. 

According to the streaming platform's illustration, a creator may earn USD 100 for running two minutes of ads per hour, USD 300 for three minutes, and USD 500 for four minutes if they streamed at least 40 hours that month.
Personalized incentives
Personalized incentives

Besides these different levels of incentives, the said AIP also includes an ad management function that allows its user to control when ads are running during a stream, easing the burden of ad breaks.
Ad manager
Ad manager

Twitch also mentioned in its announcement that the amounts offered will be depending on its partner streamers and that there's no limit on potential earned income. Creators can earn more money at their usual rate if they broadcast for longer than the needed minimum number of hours. Twitch noted that if the content maker chooses not to participate in the program, they will be paid a prorated amount based on the number of hours they streamed.

The platform appears to be a universal basic income program for their partners. They are doing this to answer one of the main struggles of content creators.

Having a reliable floor of ad revenue should enable you to better plan for the future, whatever that may look like. We hope it’s an important step towards empowering creators, said in Twitch statement.

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