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EPSON introduces HyFlex Classroom for new normal learning setup during pandemic

As classes shift to accommodate in-person and online learners at the same time, EPSON introduced the HyFlex Classroom to tackle both simultaneously.
EPSON introduces HyFlex Classroom for new normal learning setup during pandemic
EPSON announces its HyFlex Classroom solution

What is EPSON's HyFlex Classroom?

Epson HyFlex Classroom setup is a hybrid-flexible classroom that reflects real-time changes immediately on the screen to allow simultaneous instruction of in-person and online learners.

It works by flashing learning materials on a projection surface in the classroom. This will allow teachers to utilize them as visuals and freely annotate on the projected information for further elaboration. A secondary projection at the rear of the classroom allows the teacher to observe and monitor the pupils at home. 

Meanwhile, students on-site may connect their computers to the main interactive projector and use the annotation function of the video conferencing program to observe and annotate on their own screen, with real-time changes and annotations projected on the screen.

EPSON's whole product range also has what you need for the HyFlex Classroom including the interactive projector, ELPDC21 document camera, multifunction printer, and an optional entry-level projector.

EPSON's interactive projectors enable this hybrid-flexible solution allowing for smooth collaborative work for both students and teachers. These projectors are equipped with up-to-date technology and are designed to identify full-touch movements for gestures like turning, zooming, moving, and sketching. Students and professors can freely annotate with an interactive pen or their fingers on the projected picture or screen, which also serves as a digital whiteboard.

EPSON's interactive projectors are designed with the ability to project on any flat surface without the use of a special board. These projectors also provide vibrant and natural color, ensuring readability and providing pupils with a wider perspective in the classroom. These projectors, which use 3LCD technology, may also be stretched to a flexible display of up to 300 inches in size without sacrificing the sharpness and quality of the projected material. These can also be controlled via the EPSON iProjection app.

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