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Globe announces #GlobeofGood campaign to help feed the hungry Filipinos

Globe Telecoms along with its partners is launching the #GlobeofGood campaign to help fight the crisis of hunger for Filipinos. Read on for more!
Globe announces #GlobeofGood campaign to help feed the hungry Filipinos
#GlobeofGood encourages subscribers to help feed disadvantaged Filipinos

#GlobeofGood campaign launches in the Philippines

Use your extra Reward Points!
Use your extra Reward Points!

As of Q3 2021, an estimated 2.5 million individuals in the Philippines were enduring involuntary hunger. Many people lost their jobs as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, and many struggled to make ends meet on a daily basis.

With these problems, swift and coordinated response is required. In this sense, Globe's Globe of Good initiative intends to create a platform that may connect multi-sectoral stakeholders and stimulate collective action toward achieving sustainable and equitable community development via the use of technology.

The #GlobeofGood initiative, in collaboration with the Ayala Foundation, Caritas Philippines, and Tzu Chi Foundation Philippines, aims to provide a holistic intervention that focuses on hunger reduction and livelihood possibilities for disadvantaged families. Globe also fosters employee and consumer involvement through these collaborations by holding fundraising activities to encourage people to donate to these programs.

Family feeding activities, skills training for micro-entrepreneurship and vocational courses, access to microfinance for start-up firms, and job chances for trained individuals are among the programs offered by #GlobeofGood.

Customers may donate by going to the Rewards area of the new GlobeOne app, clicking the "DONATE" icon, selecting Globe of Good and the appropriate denomination, and pressing "REDEEM." A confirmation message will be delivered via 4438 once the contribution is successful.

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