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Ookla: PLDT Home boasts internet speed improvement in the Philippines

Ookla Speedtest Awards recently named PLDT Home as the fastest ISP in PH. The free test is easy to use to check if you are getting what you pay for.
Ookla: PLDT Home boasts internet speed improvement in the Philippines
PLDT Home urges users to keep checking their speeds via Ookla Speedtest

PLDT: Ookla Speedtest is a reliable test for internet speeds

The Ookla Speedtest Awards is the industry's most prestigious online service. The test itself is free and easy to use, and it has become an unbiased way to evaluate ISP speeds throughout the world. It is popular among regular customers and IT specialists alike.

Simply open your browser and go to www.speedtest.net to use Speedtest. App versions are also available for iOS, Android, macOS, Windows, Google Chrome, and Apple TV.

For the service to connect to a server, click the "Go" button. It will display the download speed, upload speed, and ping rate of the connection in a matter of seconds. The result may then be compared to the claimed speeds of the ISP.

PLDT Home also touts that it has improved speeds across the country. Overall, the fixed broadband download speeds across the country improved as well with an increased average of 23.74Mbps to 66.55Mbps for downloads.

According to the Ookla Speedtest Awards Q3-Q4 2021, PLDT Home is the fastest broadband network in the Philippines for the fourth consecutive year. PLDT had peak download speeds of 203.97 Mbps and maximum upload speeds of 217.07 Mbps in a recent Ookla survey, giving it a Speed Score of 77.24. This is a significant improvement over the telco's previous Speed Score of 27.28 in the second half of last year.

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