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Samsung CEO apologizes to shareholders for Galaxy S22 throttling issue

Samsung's chief executive officer has apologized for the controversy involving Galaxy S22's performance being limited by GOS.
Samsung Electronics Han Jong-hee bowed in apology (Photo from The Korea Times)

The CEO promised to pay more attention to consumers' voices in the future

Previously we had a report that Geekbench shared that Samsung's GOS (Game Optimization Service) throttles the performance of games and applications. Then GOS decides if it will throttle or not throttle applications using application identifiers and not application behavior.

The benchmark maker stated that this action is viewed as a form of benchmark manipulation. As a result, South Korea's Fair Trade Commission began an investigation on the issue to check whether Samsung violated fair labeling and advertisement laws by over-promising the capabilities of Galaxy S22 smartphones.

However, Samsung issued a software update later on that gave customers an option to prioritize performance. Despite the software update, there have been calls by consumers that they should have the choice to remove the app altogether.

Now, the vice-chairman and CEO of Samsung Electronics Han Jong-hee offered an apology to company shareholders and customers during the annual shareholders' meeting. He said the company failed to appreciate customer concerns over the issue and bowed in apology.  

However, Han defended the GOS app, saying it was designed to optimize the performance of smartphones. He added, 

The GOS was designed to optimize smartphone performance by reflecting the various characteristics of games. We decided that consistent performance for a long time is important and tried to minimize heat generation. Many consumers said that they want the best performance from the beginning, so we distributed a software update in the direction of giving users choices.

The vice-chairman explained that the app only limits the performance of CPU and GPU on the phones to the extent that they don't affect the performance of gaming apps.

Moreover, he denied accusations that the GOS issue was caused by the company's excessive cost reduction efforts. The chief executive officer added that Samsung doesn't give up on quality to cut costs.

Samsung recently rolled out its recent software to reflect the customer's demands for improved performance. The CEO promised that such issues won't happen again.

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