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Sky Mavis outs Axie Infinity: Origin early access

Sky Mavis launches its next-generation game today called the Axie Infinity: Origin with free-to-play mechanics.
Sky Mavis outs Axie Infinity: Origin early access
Axie Infinity: Origin early access banner

Axie Infinity: Origin early access is now available

Axie Infinity became a hit thanks to its play to earn feature but recently it received its major crisis after the USD 615M hacking incident. Despite that, Sky Mavis soft launches on what could potentially be the successor to their flagship game.

According to the developer, all old and existing Axie Marketplace accounts have been moved to the new system designed for the release of Origin. Just go to the Mavis Hub app, log in and install it. Old players will still be able to log in to their usual accounts and sync their NFT Axies.

For new accounts, the newbies will be given free starter Axies that will allow them to try out the game. However, once the new players are interested in getting their first blockchain Axie. Users must create a Ronin wallet and deposit or buy some ETH. 

There are also new art designs for the characters which now look better than their previous models.

Origin's gameplay focuses on sequential turns rather than the turn-based approach of the old one for a faster and more dynamic experience.
Gameplay sample photo
Gameplay sample photo

Another feature added is Energy/cards will reset each turn for an aggressive playstyle, improvements on Runes and Charms which is now a power-up, Ear and Eye cards are added and the total Axies now is up to 6 which was previously only 4. They also revamped the critical hit mechanic making it reliant on rage.

The publishers also mentioned that since it's still in early access, players must take advantage of how to adapt to the new battle system and rules. All progress made will be reset right after the Alpha stage ends. This also translates that no SLPs or monetary rewards for the time being.

Sky Mavis' main goal, is to gather feedback from the players so that they can tweak and improve the game before its official launch.

For gameplay tutorials of the Axie Infinity: Origin you may click this link here.

What do you guys think?

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