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Play and sleep at the same place? Bauhutte intros an Electric Gaming Bed!

The Japanese company unveiled the Bauhutte BGB-100FA which allows you to play games, sleep, and eat without leaving the bed.
The Bauhutte BGB-100FA

A motorized bed that automatically raises you back to your game?

According to the source, the Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed isn't the brand’s first gaming product. Earlier this year the Japanese company launched a hand massager for gamers with a heating function. They also created a game bed previously that has tables and shelves around it.

The Bauhutte Electric Gaming Bed looks like a lightweight version of those adjustable beds advertised for seniors. However, this electric bed is clearly marketed toward gamers who prefer minimal effort and interruption as possible when being immersed in their playtime. The company shared,

From Bauhutte, who has been advocating the construction of a ‘game while sleeping’ environment, the 'electric gaming bed' has finally arrived. Not only sleeping but also games, animations, meals, etc., support relaxing time on the bed more comfortably. It is a forbidden last piece that sublimates the bed-based corrupt life to the highest level.

Based on the video, the GB-100FA sports two powered mechanisms that elevate the user's torso through a backrest that can be raised up to a 60-degree angle by a single push of a button. Allegedly, this is an ideal position for eating instant noodles, reading a book, or gaming.

It also comes with an attached controller that can be used to raise the frame lengthwise as well, enabling you to create a 35-degree footrest of sorts for extra comfort.  Adjustable risers can offer 13.8, 20, or 28.5 centimeters of floor clearance.

There's also a pouch for the controller that you can clip to the side of the frame. Having to get up and go search for it would defeat the whole purpose of a bed that is supposed to do your moving for you.

The steel frame measures 199 cm long by 94 cm wide. The company claims that can support up to 200 kg.

Japan price with direct to PHP conversion (no tax and duties yet):

Bauhutte BGB-100FA Electric Gaming Bed - JPY 58,900 (or around PHP 24.4K)
Bauhutte BGB-100FA Electric Gaming Bed (w/ mattress) - JPY 83,398 (or around PHP 34.6K)

The extra parts are shown in the video, such as the clothes hanger rack, monitor mounts, etc. are all sold separately. As of now, the electric gaming bed is only sold in Japan. No news yet if Bauhette will introduce this in other countries as well.

Sources: GizmoChina

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