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Globe: We are ready for surge in digital streaming demand

According to local telco giant Globe, the company is ready for the expected surge in digital streaming demand as its network expansion yields results.
According to Globe

Globe said that they are ready for a surge in digital streaming demand

Globe said that its capital expenditure program that is focused on data expansion mostly has equipped its network to handle the surge in demand for digital services. This is the company's way of future-proofing its system as customers are expected to use more streaming and other data-intensive products in the coming years.

If true, this is an important claim as UK-based international research data and analytics group YouGov's "A 2022 Global Media Outlook Report" predicts that even in a post-pandemic scenario, video streaming services are "likely" to register the biggest growth in consumption this year with a Growth Driver score of 37 percent.

To make this possible, Globe allocated the bulk of its PHP 92.8 billion capital expenditure last year for data network upgrades.

The accelerated expansion included the construction of more than 1,400 new cell sites in 2021, the upgrade of over 22,000 mobile sites, and the rollout of 1.4 million fiber-to-the-home lines. Globe has also fired up more than 2,000 5G outdoor sites and in-building solutions nationwide.

Even with lifestyle shifts that have seen customers rely on data for almost all of their everyday functions due to the pandemic, our network upgrades have been up to the task as shown by higher average speeds and consistency scores, Cu added.

According to Ookla's Q4 2021 data, Globe registered a 51 percent improvement in download speeds and 24 percent in upload speeds versus its Q1 2021 performance.

Globe's consistency score also grew last year from 70.43 percent in Q1 2021 to 79.02 in Q4 2021. The company said that this is at par with global benchmarks.

Globe also improved its Speed Scores from 22.95 percent in Q1 2021 to 32.67 in Q4 2021.

Increase in the use of data will be a given, even as the pandemic wanes. This drives us to continue to invest in our network, and to leverage as well on the diversity of our services in order to help customers live a fuller life, said Cu.

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