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Samsung announces latest innovations in Neo QLED 8K during 2022 Media Forum

During the 2022 Samsung Media Forum, the company announced the latest Neo QLED 8K innovations and what to expect in its 2022 lineup. Read on!
Samsung announces latest innovations in Neo QLED 8K during 2022 Media Forum
Samsung Neo QLED 8K innovations showcased in the 2022 Media Forum

Samsung announced what to expect with its NEO QLED 8K lineup

Samsung showcased new technologies from the 2022 portfolio that power seamless connection across different devices, with TVs and screens serving as the key hub for the connected lifestyle, in keeping with its "Screens Everywhere, Screens for All" vision.

Samsung's 2022 Neo QLED 8Ks come with extended neural networks, more precise 14-bit contrast mapping, and AI-powered smart upscaling capabilities, allowing the displays to give the most accurate colors and image quality to date, thanks to Quantum Mini LEDs and the Neural Quantum Processor 8K. Samsung's new Smart Hub also boasts a redesigned user interface with quick content discovery and a range of smart capabilities that put TVs and screens at the center of the connected lifestyle.

Samsung's 2022 TVs and screens promise immersive gaming experiences. The new Gaming Hub is a gaming streaming discovery platform that connects hardware and software to provide players a more seamless gaming experience. 

The new 2022 Neo QLED line also includes specifications and features for an immersive gaming experience, including HDMI 2.1 ports, 3 Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro 4K 144Hz gaming refresh rate, Super Ultrawide GameView, and Game Bar, all of which make gaming more efficient and accessible for a fast-paced and streamlined experience.

Samsung's lifestyle TV lineup incorporates its latest technology and smart features to enhance the user experience. The new accessories give one-of-a-kind, personalized home screens, while the features and applications, such as EyeComfort mode and Smart Calibration, were developed to deliver a pleasant and accurate viewing experience to complement the users' lifestyle and everyday demands.

Samsung's 2022 sound features include the latest hardware and software improvements, promising precise synchronization between the TV and the soundbar while giving an immersive Dolby Atmos sound experience.

Furthermore, Samsung's newest soundbars, including the Ultra Slim Soundbar and the S Series, as well as the Sound Tower series, provide a variety of improved sound experiences independent of space or location.

Samsung's product selection for 2022 intends to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions and make items easier to recycle while limiting effects throughout the manufacturing phase for a greener future. The 2022 product selection includes improved packaging that uses 90 percent less ink and eliminates all metal staples, as well as the new SolarCell Remote, which draws power from both light and radio frequencies.

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