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Apple to discontinue the iPod Touch after 21 years!

The Cupertino giant just has announced that the production of its music player, the iPod Touch is coming to an end.
Apple to discontinue the iPod Touch after 21 years!
iPod Touch

The iPod touch will be available while supplies last

To recall, Apple launched the first iPod 21 years ago in October 2001. It was a revolutionary music device that put thousands of songs in the pockets of Apple fans at that time. This music device could store 1,000 tracks.

After that, the company unveiled many iterations of the iPod, including the iPod Shuffle, the iPod nano, and the ‌iPod touch‌. All were discontinued, and the iPod Touch is the last variant that ended.
The last iPod standing until 2022
The last iPod standing until 2022

According to the source, iPod Touch was invented by the same team that later invented the iPhone, and it almost instantly outshined its predecessors. The senior vice-president of worldwide marketing at Apple Greg Joswiak said that it "redefined how music is discovered, listened to, and shared".

Back then, iPod fans have taken to social media to share their thoughts on the news and their memories connected with the music devices. However, Apple concluded to let go since the idea of having the iPod Touch solely for music listening is getting obsolete. The press release reads,

Today, the experience of taking one’s music library out into the world has been integrated across Apple’s product line — from iPhone and Apple Watch to iPad and Mac — along with access to more than 90 million songs and over 30,000 playlists available via Apple Music.

The company released the newest variant of the iPod Touch in 2019. For those who want to collect one, note that Apple says it will remain available to buy "while stocks last".

Thank you for the great memories and music, iPod Touch!

Source: Apple

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