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Here is the most used emoji on Twitter in every country!

Crossword-Solver conducted a study and listed the top emojis in use in all countries all over the world.
Here is the most used emoji on Twitter in every country!
Visualization of top emojis per country worldwide

What is the world's most popular emoji as of 2022?

For the methodology, the company analyzed  9 million geotagged tweets found in February 2022. They used "unique appearances" to calculate the frequency of an emoji in the sample. 

To put it simply, tweets that have the same emoji more than once, only counted the first occurrence towards the total usage of that emoji. The company explained that they wanted to learn more about this booming form of communication that neglects to use words at all.

Based on this sample, they determined the most used emoji worldwide and for certain countries with available data. According to Crossword-Solver, there are 3,663 official emojis, but the most popular is a lot more popular than the rest. 

The company added that the "face with tears of joy" emoji or also known as the "crying laughing" face is officially the most used emoji in most countries in the world. 

It is used nearly twice as often as the third-most-popular rolling on the floor laughing, which is in turn twice as common as the folded hands emoji – which is the sixth most used.
The red heart emoji dominates the tweets in the Philippines
The red heart emoji dominates the tweets in the Philippines

Key findings also show that the second most used emoji online is a red heart. In fact, this emoji is claimed to be the number one in terms of the usage here in the Philippines. 

However, in some countries like Saudi Arabia, sending a red heart can be considered a harassment crime in certain circumstances. The offender may receive a penalty of USD 26,656 and/or a two-year jail term. 

The clapping hands emoji in China might suggest making love. On the other hand, one might avoid sending thumbs-up emojis to Greeks since it may be deemed offensive. Crossword-Solver noted that emojis are not a universal language. 

However, there are efforts to make emojis more diverse. Various skin colors were first made available in 2015, while the pregnant man and pregnant person emojis are among the latest additions. The study also pointed out,

If real emojis grew in size with their popularity, the world would be a terrifying place. Thankfully, the graphic below is just a data visualization demonstrating how the world’s most commonly used emojis would look if their size were related to their use. The face with tears of joy is the giant of international emoji use. 

Meanwhile, some Wordle-themed emojis entered the top ten most-used emojis in the United States. 
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