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Smart upgrades Signature Plans+ with 1 year Unli 5G

Smart has upgraded its Signature Plans+ with 12 months of unlimited 5G data plus subscriptions with popular streaming platforms and more.
Smart upgrades Signature Plans+ with 1 year Unli 5G
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Improved unlimited 5G postpaid promos from Smart!

The Telco says from the previous six months of unlimited 5G connection, the all-new Plan S+ to L+ will now be up to 1 year of usage. Aside from unli internet usage offerings, the plan also includes UNLI calls and text to all networks as well as Landline calls so that users can stay connected all the time.

Watch the full trailer below:

Additionally, users can also enjoy Netflix Mobile Plan worth PHP 150 a month when they are subscribed to the improved Signature Plans+. If in case users already have an existing Netflix subscription then they can get a PHP 150 discount from their current Basic, Standard, or Premium Netflix subscription.

Finally, another thing that is included in the Signature plans+ will be the Apple Music subscription valid for up to six months. That means customers can use over 90 million of tracks from Apple's music platform.

Price and availability

Signature Plan S+ - PHP 999/month
Signature Plan M+ - PHP 1,499/month
Signature Plan L+ - PHP 1,999/month

For those who want for up to 2 years, interested applicants will have to sign up for a 24-month contract called the Plan XL+ which will be worth PHP 2,499 per month. These promos are valid until July 31,2022 only.

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