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MLBB MSC 2022: RSG PH Sweeps RRQ ID 4-0 claims Championship title!

Resurgence Philippines sweeps SEA top dogs Rex Regum Qeon Indonesia with a commanding 4-0 in the MSC 2022 Grand Finals.
MLBB MSC 2022: RSG PH Sweeps RRQ ID 4-0 claims Championship title!
MSC 2022 Champions

King Slayers silences King of Kings

RSG PH had a stellar undefeated record during the group stages ending it with the top score of 6 points. 
The MSC 2022 Playoff bracket
The MSC 2022 Playoff bracket

Following the upper bracket Playoffs, they faced Myanmar's Falcon Esports which handed them their first defeat but retaliated quickly finishing with a 2-1 score.

As they march on to the 2nd round of the upper bracket playoffs the Filipino representatives take a dominant 3-0 lead against Malaysian Orange Esports.

However, RSG PH got baptized by the Indonesian stalwart RRQ in the upper bracket finals which handed them a disappointing 1-3 score and RRQ secures the first Grand Finals slot.

Now falling to the lower bracket finals, the team faced their Filipino rivals Smart Omega who actually won the tournament last year. The match was intense to the point that it reaches Game 5. But RSG's outstanding drafts and macro mechanics prevailed which ended with a score of 3-2 and securing the second slot for Grand Finals.

With RSG carrying the hopes of the Philippines on their backs they faced again RRQ for the revenge match. There's an obvious win condition though after their first series and that is to ban out entirely the tank hero "Franco" and marksman hero "Claude. These two in particular disrupt the PH team's entire play.

However, still, it wasn't an easy task after banning them. As RSG had to perform comeback after comeback and masterful lord dances against their Indonesian foe from the first three games. But on Game 4, it was a very clear-out draft that led them to victory eventually claiming the title "MLBB: MSC 2022 Champions".

Rex Regum Qeon means King of Kings in Latin word plus the name of the company's owner. Despite the colorful name and biggest fanbase, they are still crownless when it comes to the international stage.

On the other hand RSG PH, rookies at the international event have proven themselves to be capable of bouncing back to the top.
The RSG Lineup
The RSG Lineup

The members of the team are "Nathzz", "Demonkite", "Emman", "Aqua", "Light", "Exort" "Coach Panda", and "Coach Gie".

Their win also solidifies the Team's Sibol Gold Medal at the recently SEA Games 2022, as the country has been accused and ridiculed of the "Pause Meta strat" by Indonesian fans.

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