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Dell announces new Storage Software innovations for PowerMax, PowerFlex, and PowerStore

Dell announced a bunch of improvements on its Storage Software. These improvements will be for PowerMax, PowerFlex, and PowerStore.
New Storage Software innovations

What's new with Dell Storage Software innovations?

More than 500 software improvements across Dell PowerStore, PowerMax, and PowerFlex give current customers free access to faster data analytics, greater multi-cloud data control, and increased cyber resiliency.
Dell Technologies Country General Manager Ronnie Latinazo on stage
Dell Technologies Country General Manager Ronnie Latinazo on stage

Following the launch of Project Alpine, which will extend the enterprise capacity, performance, and protection of Dell storage software to public clouds, these developments represent the most recent examples of innovation in Dell storage software.

For Dell Powerstore, the improvements will result in up to a 50 percent performance boost for mixed workloads and up to a 66 percent increase in capacity. With software-only high availability metro replication enabled in as few as five clicks, customers can better plan business continuity strategies.

On the other hand, Dell PowerMax will unveil improvements in cyber resilience, such as cyber vaults for mainframe and conventional deployments. The early cyberattack detection capabilities of CloudIQ help to reduce exposure and hasten recovery. With a new 4:1 data reduction guarantee, PowerMax now provides up to 65 million safe snapshots to enhance cyber recovery and boost efficiency.

Dell PowerFlex's software-defined infrastructure will consolidate conventional and contemporary workloads. With the most comprehensive file and block 8 support for all important Kubernetes and container orchestration systems from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE, and VMware, PowerFlex streamlines multi-cloud and DevOps.

The Dell PowerMax and PowerStore advancements will be available globally starting this July. PowerFlex improvements will roll out globally starting in August 2022.

You may inquire about the products on their official website here.

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