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Intel and MediaTek teams up to form Foundry Partnership

Intel and MediaTek just finalized their foundry partnership. This is a strategic move to manufacturing chips using Intel Foundry Services. Read on!
Intel and MediaTek teams up to form Foundry Partnership
MediaTek will now use Intel Foundry Services for its chips

MediaTek to use Intel's process technologies for future chips!

File photo: MediaTek partners with Intel, 5G laptops are coming!

MediaTek intends to provide a number of processors for a variety of smart edge devices using Intel manufacturing methods. A broad manufacturing platform with technologies based on a roadmap from production-proven 3D FinFET transistors to next-generation innovations is offered by IFS. These technologies are tailored for high performance, low power, and always-on connection.

IFS was founded in 2021 to assist in supplying the rapidly growing need for advanced semiconductor production capacity worldwide. IFS stands apart from other foundry offers because of a unique combination of cutting-edge process and packaging technologies, an IP portfolio of the highest caliber, and committed capacity in the US and Europe. Intel's recently announced plant expansions at current locations as well as plans for significant new investments in greenfield sites in Germany and Ohio will benefit IFS customers.

Multi-sourcing has long been a strategy for MediaTek. The company and Intel already have a business connection involving 5G data cards, and they have now expanded it to include the production of smart edge devices through Intel Foundry Services. IFS adds value to MediaTek by pledging significant capacity additions as the latter looks to build a more diversified supply chain. To meet the rapidly expanding demand for its products from clients around the world, MediaTek looks forward to developing long-term cooperation.

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