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m360 now has premium A2P inbound messages via Globe

m360, a web-based multi-channel message platform, now has premium app-to-person inbound messaging via Globe.
m360 now has premium A2P inbound messages via Globe
m360 partners with Globe for premium A2P inbound messages

m360 to have premium A2P inbound messages through Globe's network

m360 now has premium A2P inbound messages via Globe
This will allow brands to send legitimate messages to Globe subscribers

This will now allow Globe subscribers to receive messages from international/premium brands through the approved and legal route. The ability of m360 to detect fraud shields recipients from receiving fake messages, making it a safe, secure, and dependable partner for SMS delivery. The platform also enhances procedures for gray routes and supports firewall policies.

Businesses had a method to connect with audiences abroad thanks to m360. This time, a larger audience can be reached in the Philippines by the rest of the world. Best-in-class digital A2P messaging products are delivered by m360, enhancing customer experience and facilitating seamless conversations. 

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