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Smart announces new Power All 99 promo with Unli TikTok and more!

Smart just announced the new Power All 99 and 149 promos for its prepaid subscribers that includes data allocation as well as Unli TikTok access.
Smart announces new Power All 99 promo with Unli TikTok and more!
Smart Power All 99 includes 8GB all-acess data and Unli TikTok

Smart Power All 99 and 149 offer Unli TikTok access and more!

The Power All 99 package includes up to 8GB of mobile data for all sites and apps, Unlimited TikTok access, and unlimited texts to all networks valid for 7 days for only PHP 99. With these features, the Power All promos will allow users to have flexibility on what they can do with the mobile date.

The 8GB all-access mobile data will allow users to use it for streaming, social media, and web browsing. This is great for students as well since it can be used for online classes as well as research as well. In your downtime, you can continue to be a TikTok connoisseur with the unlimited app access the promo provides. Yes, it will not eat up your 8GB of all-access data! To top all of that, it also has unlimited texts to all networks as well.

Subscribers can also enjoy a bigger data allocation of 12 GB of data for all sites, Unli TikTok, and Unli Calls to All Networks when they register to Power All 149.

Smart Prepaid customers can sign up for Power All 99 by contacting *123#, logging onto the GigaLife App or their preferred mobile wallet app, or by going to their local merchant or convenience shop.

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