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Android 13 is now released for Pixel devices!

The tech giant launched the final version of Android 13 it's available today on supported Pixel phones and tablets.
Android 13 is now released for Pixel devices!
Google finally launched the Android 13

Android 13 boasts tons of customization features and more

According to the source, this new OS is packed with new capabilities including  Material You design improvements, an updated media player, clipboard privacy protections, notifications improvements, spatial audio support, and many others.

The Material You theme is tagged as a theming engine that supports icons of third-party apps. The user can now select from four pages of wallpaper colors and basic colors, taking the total number of both wallpaper colors and basic colors to 16.

Next, Google enabled the updated media player to automatically change its appearance based on the music or podcast one is listening to. 

The Bedtime mode, on the other hand, is now customizable with wallpaper dimming and a dark theme. Allegedly, these screen options help eyes adjust to the dark when the user is about to go to bed. 

Meanwhile, Android 13 got an enhancement on notifications by reducing the chance of spam alerts from apps. The user can deny access to an app if he/she does not want to get so many notifications.
Introducing app language preferences
Introducing app language preferences

Another feature that may interest multi-lingual users is the app language preferences. A user can pick a specific language just for certain apps. For example, if one's native language is Filipino then the phone's language is also Filipino. 

But then, perhaps translations in an app into Filipino are inappropriate or incorrect. In this scenario, it might be easier to set the language of the app to another language that you understand, so one will more likely receive correct translations.

For example, let’s say your native language is German, and your phone is in German. However, maybe an application’s translations into German are weird or are incorrect, it might just be easier to set the language of the app to another language that you understand, and may be more likely to have correct translations.

Moreover, Android 13 now supports Spatial Audio. On supported headphones that enable head tracking, Spatial Audio shifts the source of the sound to adapt to how you turn your head. Google explained that it gives users a more immersive listening experience on their Android phone or tablet.
A cross-device copy and paste
A cross-device copy and paste

The tech giant also teased that users of this new OS will be able to copy content including images, text, video, and URLs, and paste it onto their tablet and vice versa. Apparently, this feature is useful for photo creation purposes, or even just transferring a URL quickly and easily from one device to another.

The blog announced that Android 13 is rolling out to the Pixel 4 series Pixel 4a series, Pixel 5 series, and Pixel 6 series. Later this year, it is expected to arrive on several devices from Samsung, Asus, Nokia iQOO, Motorola, OnePlus, OPPO, realme, Sharp, Sony, Tecno, vivo, Xiaomi, and others.

There's no information yet regarding the exact schedule of this rollout so let's just wait for further announcement.

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Source: Google

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