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ICYMI: Cherry intros a hand massager and a smart knee wrap

Cherry Wellness welcomed two new additions to its portfolio as it unveiled Smart Knee Wrap and Hand Massager.
Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap
Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap

Two gadgets for relaxing at home

The Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap is designed for athletes with sore and tired knees after a strenuous workout. However, even non-sporty people use this for plain relaxation while lounging around the house.

Allegedly, it can alleviate knee pain and stiffness by providing heat therapy on the joints.  The company said that the pad evenly heats up to 75 degrees Celsius so the whole covered area of the knee is properly targeted. 

The device also makes use Far-Infrared Radiation technology. Cherry claims that this provides gentle pressure with heat to help improve blood circulation and provide muscle relief.

The knee wrap also comes with a thick Graphene Heating Film to make sure that the skin is protected from burns.
Cherry Wellness Hand Massager
Cherry Wellness Hand Massager

Another device for wellness and relaxation is the Cherry Hand Massager. According to the website, this one features a three-dimensional Wave Press to manage the pressure that is close to an authentic massage.

In addition to this, the hand massager is connected with acupoints and thousands of convex points inside the airbag for better stimulation. It also utilizes a heat compress that is said to be more effective at relieving pain.

Price and availability

Cherry Wellness Smart Knee Wrap - PHP 2,995
Cherry Hand Massager - PHP 2,480

To avail of the products, you may visit Cherry concept stores nationwide or order from Cherry Shop Online.

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