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DITO claims Globe, Smart "abuse" their dominant position

New major player DITO Telecommunity filed cases before the country's competition watchdog against its competitors Globe Telecom and PLDT's Smart Communications over interconnection issues.
PH's major telco players

DITO files complaints vs Globe, PLDT

DITO Chief Administrative Officer Adel Tamano told reporters in a briefing on Monday that the group was experiencing a "state of non-connection" with the dominant telcos.

Tamano said they were "constrained" to file the complaints as the current situation is "unfair" for DITO subscribers.

According to him, only 20 to 30 out of 100 calls made from DITO could get through. However, requirements from the National Telecommunications Commission demand that interconnection quality should only have a failure rate of 1 percent.

Tamano even claimed that Globe and Smart "abuse" their dominant position.

They're giants. Our market share for the entire market is at most five percent. There would be no question who is in the dominant position, he said.

Globe and Smart said they have yet to receive a copy of the complaint.

We don't have a copy of the complaint yet. Until such time we will refrain from issuing a statement. Globe reiterates that it has always advocated for fair business practices and competing on a level playing field, Globe said.

This was mirrored by Smart, stressing they promote fair competition in the industry.

We are yet to receive a copy of the complaint, but we can assure the government and the public that PLDT and Smart have always supported and ensured fair competition in the Telco industry, Smart said separately.

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