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GCash Jr. announced—the e-wallet for minors!

The country's leading mobile app GCash has just announced "Jr." version of its service.
GCash Jr. with Andrea Brillantes and SB19


GCash Jr. is now official!

According to the company, this will give young Filipinos aged 7 to 17 years old a safe and secure cashless payment channel.

The GCash Jr. app comes with digital financial services along with exciting offers such as exclusive fandom deals, gaming vouchers and discounts, premium access to their favorite shows, music, and more. Moreover, it has a new "trendy" user interface.
With Blacklist International
With Blacklist International

According to the company, the app aims to let youngsters learn how to be financially aware and responsible at an early age while still pursuing what they love to do whether it's gaming, music, shopping, and more.

It also has an easy dashboard with features such as online payments and Pay QR for their K-Pop merchandise, buying load for their gaming credits and skins, and GLife for food deals and the latest fashion trends.

GCash Jr. has an e-wallet size of up to PHP 50,000 and a PHP 10,000 limit for daily incoming and outgoing transactions.

To ensure that the app is safe and secured, GCash Jr. 
follows a stringent KYC (Know-your-customer) process. 

To use it, download the 
GCash app, and minors aged 7 to 17 years old will just need to submit a photo of any of the following IDs: student ID, passport, or national ID.

Their parents will also be required to input their fully verified GCash account for reference and will be asked to take a selfie with the ID submitted by their child. GCash Jr. users are also required to submit a photo of their birth certificate.

Then, the minor will receive an 
SMS confirmation to be fully verified GCash Jr. user.

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