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Globe Business reaffirms Commitment to MSMEs' "Tuloy Tuloy na Success" via Digital Transformation

Filipino MSMEs are reassured by Globe Business that its commitment to "Tuloy Tuloy na Success" continues with Digital Transformation. Read on!
Globe Business reaffirms Commitment to MSMEs' "Tuloy Tuloy na Success" via Digital Transformation
Globe Business will continue assisting MSMEs!

Globe Business promises continued support to Filipino entrepreneurs

Globe Business underlines its dedication to MSMEs as a dependable partner who assists them in making commercial strides and maintaining their success through digitalization.

99 percent of businesses in the Philippines are MSMEs, according to the Department of Trade and Industry's most recent statistics. By providing jobs for the expanding labor force, which accounts for 63 percent of the nation's total manpower, they aid in the reduction of unemployment. They promote economic growth and act as beneficial partners for big businesses and customers.

MSMEs face a variety of challenges every day, including acquiring and keeping customers, streamlining operations, monitoring inventory and deliveries, and even ensuring that their employees are content. Despite these difficulties, MSMEs manage to remain unfazed by being adaptable and quick to change with the times. Globe Business aims to travel with them during this time of increased digital adoption as they pursue continual growth so they may get over their perceived barriers and succeed more.

A mobile postpaid plan specifically designed for businesses, GPlan Biz offers users access to GCash for business, which they can use to conveniently pay suppliers or buy digital solutions, among other things, in addition to the standard mobile connection services. 

With GPlan Biz Plus, customers can use the 5G network indefinitely for 6 months as well as make unlimited countrywide calls and texts to landlines and mobile networks. These are necessities for organizations to continuously communicate with their workforce, suppliers, and clients.

The genuine business-grade broadband service offered by Globe Business, however, is GFiber Biz Plus, which enables MSMEs to access symmetric internet connections with equal upload and download speeds for seamless online activity. 

Additionally, it includes two WiFi mesh components that improve internet coverage in various areas of a business and unlimited countrywide calls to landlines and mobile networks, freeing business owners from worrying about top-up call fees

Globe Business also provides hassle-free digital solutions like Cloud Payroll, which automates employee records and expedites payroll processing, and ChatGenie, which enables MSMEs to manage all of their transactions across various channels from a single platform. These solutions help MSMEs manage their fleet and ensure safe delivery. All of them are intended to help MSMEs flourish in a world where business is conducted primarily online.

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