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A bill seeking for an Internet Games Review and Classification Board proposed!

Representative Rosanna Vergara passed House Bill No.3112 which initiates an Internet Games Review and Classification Board (IGRCB) in the Philippines.
A  bill seeking for an Internet Games Review and Classification Board proposed!
File photo: An example of a popular mobile game in the Philippines

To make online gaming safer for the youth

According to the documents that surfaced online, the IGRCB aims to that Filipinos can take advantage of progress in the gaming industry.

A bill seeking an Internet Games Review and Classification Board was proposed!

Vergara also explained that since the youth spent so much time playing, games can have a huge impact on our society nowadays. The solon even cited a study conducted in 2006 on how players exposed to violent media manifest a reduction in healthy, empathic responses to real-life violence.

She also mentioned in the article that "online video games have become an alarming platform for unregulated gambling where minors are encouraged to spend money they do not have".

According to the proposed bill, the IGRCB is tasked to review and classify internet games and to ensure that the classification is followed by the public. It is also suggested to be a part of the Department of Information and Technology (DICT).

The board will categorize games into age-appropriate categories based on local and international standards. It also has the ability to restrict internet games to public access through review and classification.

If approved, House Bill 3112 will mandate ISPs to inform the IGRCB about all the internet games that are unknown to the board. In effect, no internet games shall be available to the public without the proper classification and review.

Violating the act will also mean that the IGRCB can command the closure of internet cafes, computer rental shops, and other establishments. Their license to operate may be revoked immediately.

The source states that entities that will disobey a game's IGRCB classification will be jailed for three months to a year or face a fine of not less than PHP 50,000 but not more than PHP 300,000, or both. Meanwhile, foreign violators will then be deported immediately after serving a sentence.

IGRCB can also request assistance from law enforcement agencies and LGUs to implement and implement its decisions. It may coordinate with other government agencies such as the DepEd, DOJ, DSWD, CHED, PAGCOR, and the National Youth Commission.

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