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Google makes it easier for US businesses to identify as "Asian-owned"

Google is making it easier for searchers to find Asian-owned, along with other minority-owned, businesses as it adds specific labels for them.
Google makes it easier for US businesses to identify as "Asian-owned"
Google now lets US businesses add the "Asian-owned" tag!

"Asian-owned"  business now identified by Google's search labels!

Google makes it easier for US businesses to identify as "Asian-owned"
Here's Google's tweet

Starting August 3, US companies are now allowed to identify themselves as Asian-owned.  This will make them more visible to folks looking for these specific businesses. Google also made it easier for these businesses to add the label as well.

Businesses can join this category by adding the "Asian-owned" attribute to their Business Profile on Maps and Search. Removing it is as easy as deleting the attribute as well. Ad-supported publishers can also use this function as well.

Google has shown dedication to assisting minorities in achieving parity in the business world. It also cooperated with the US Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce to help Asian-owned businesses.

Through workshops, Google has assisted more than 20,000 Asian-owned firms in the previous few years to improve their digital capabilities. They emphasize design thinking, analytics-based decision-making, and e-commerce.

According to Google's research, 25 percent of Asian-owned businesses stated that online channels are their main ways of building financial support and community. In addition, this move from Google is a response to the recent violent acts against the Asian community.

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