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KonsultaMD announces mental help support via KonsultaChat

KonsultaMD is expanding its chat features to include mental health support for Filipinos suffering from depression, stress, anxiety, and more!
KonsultaMD now has mental health help via KonsultaChat

KonsultaMD extends a helping hand to Filipinos with mental health issues

Here's how you can use it!
Here's how you can use it!

For the additional service in KonsultaChat, it has teamed up with Mental Health Matters, which was established by philanthropist and celebrity Kylie Verzosa. The group offers a secure environment to persons suffering from mental health problems and increases awareness of these problems.
It is just PHP 399 per mental health consultation!

With the support of the partnership, many people who previously lacked the resources or opportunities to speak with certified psychologists in a secure and private chat window online around the clock.

To assist democratize mental health in the Philippines, KonsultaMD began delivering online video consultations with qualified psychologists as early as last year.

With the recent release of KonsultaChat, an alternate method of communicating with medical professionals, KonsultaMD's mission to become the nation's most accessible healthcare platform has advanced to a new level. Customers can chat with a doctor whenever they want, anywhere they are, for the reasonable cost of PHP 399 per consultation.

Download the KonsultaMD via this link to try its features and services.

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