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Manila motorists can now access their violation record via E-NOV website

Concerned about your driving records? Viewing your violations is now made easier if you are residing within Manila.
Manila motorists can now access their violation record via E-NOV website
A website for viewing and attesting your non-contact violations

Manila government aims to make the roads safer for motorists and citizens

In a Facebook post, The No Contact Apprehension Program-Manila City announced that drivers can now get an electronic copy of their violation through their emails.

Apparently, the E-NOV website is useful for those who have violated the city's traffic ordinances or those who want to know if their vehicles have records in the city. To verify if they have an apprehension, they can type their plate number or conduction sticker.

Manila's LGU explained that it is hoping to "see major positive improvements for general road safety and accountability for motor incidents" through the endeavor. The website reads,

With this N.C.A. Program, our city can effectively combat the safety risks related to ongoing traffic congestion and reckless driving.

Moreover, the city government also assumes that the no-contact traffic apprehension will reduce obstructions and choking of traffic caused by vehicles manually captured by traffic enforcers. They can also contest the charge online if they have a valid reason to do so.

To contest a violation, the motorist must download the provided documents upon receiving the notice. They can either attest to the charge or petition for an exemption. If there's no choice between the two, he/she must settle the penalty either by dropping by Manila City Hall or via bank deposit, online payments, debit cards, etc.

To learn more, you may visit the website for frequently asked questions.

Source: Interaksyon

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