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Meet Dreame H12 - A must have efficient cleaning tool for your home!

Today, we will share our experience with Dreame H12, a premium cordless cleaning device for wet and dry surfaces.
Meet Dreame H12 - A must have efficient cleaning tool for your home!
The Dreame H12 Wet and Dry Vacuum 

Meet Dreame H12 Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner!

As we all know, every home needs to have a reliable cleaning tool. During the pandemic, we all realized the significance of a clean home as nowadays it should be prioritized in order to ensure the safety of our family. 

Enter Dreame. It's a brand known for making numerous household cleaning equipment that is applicable to different areas like your living room, bedroom, and cars.

We have one of their devices called the Dreame H12 with recent improvements allowing its users to work on food spills, pet mess, and wet bathrooms. 

This device is now available at Shopee Philippines for PHP 25,990.

Anyway, let's start by unboxing it first.
Comes in big box!
Comes in a big box!

When we received it, we were greeted with a huge rectangular-shaped dark colored box.
Inside the box
Inside the box

As you open the box, we immediately saw the unit, some accessories consisting of the attachable handle, brush, side holders, 1x extra filter, 1x extra mop, 1x special soap, paper documents, manuals, power adaptor, and the charging dock.
Insert the handle at the top part
Insert the handle at the top part

Setting it up won't require much effort, you only need to attach the handle at the top of the device and you're good to go. Speaking of the handle, it has buttons for power and two modes for auto and suction mode.

It is VERY easy to use!

At the top, you will see the circular LED panel which informs the user of the battery percentage. Around the LED you will also notice colors that indicate Mess detection. We will discuss this later on.

The body is mostly in cylindrical shape with two transparent detachable water tanks. One at the upper part is for "Clean water" and has 900mL capacity while at the bottom is for "used water" and has 500mL space. 
Upper water tank
Upper water tank

To remove them, you may simply press the silver button at the center and they will pop up instantly.  Do note that by lifting the second tank you will also see the filter above it which is replaceable too. 

Putting them back is quite tricky for first-timers, as they won't fit immediately. Apparently, after several tries, we realized you only need to put first the front lid of the tank and the rest will follow through.
Meet Dreame H12 - A must have efficient cleaning tool for your home!
The roller mop

Up next, moving your gaze to the lower section, you will see the neat-looking mop which is also replaceable. It is actually designed that way so you can interchange it with the extra mop they included. 

To replace the roller there's a button on the side that you need to press and it will pop up already. Underneath there's also a vertical small gap from the roller mop for vacuum purposes.
Back in the charging pod
The charging dock

Next will be the charging dock, you only need to attach the power cable to the port located behind. There are also two holders included which you can attach on both sides. These holders are meant for the brush which is used for cleaning the tanks, and the other holder is meant for the extra mop.

Of course, you may simply place the dock in your desired space preferably near a socket. We also liked that it can easily match the colors next to our wall as it looks minimalist and quite a space saver actually.


After setting it up, turn it on by pressing the power button at the handle which is also the 3rd button. You will then hear the voice prompt afterward saying it is on now and the LED screen will come to life displaying your battery.

Speaking of the screen it has smart detection which means the device knows what type of mess it will clean and automatically adjust the performance based on the dirt it needs to work on based on the color around the panel.
The color indicators on  the LED
The color indicators on  the LED

They are divided into three colors—Red for heavy dirt, Orange for medium, and Green for light dirt.
Functional buttons
Functional buttons

The top key on the handle will prompt you to the auto mode which is ideal in most cleaning scenarios. It makes use of the water tanks and the roller mop that can be glided anywhere. Again you will also hear the voice function saying that it is automatic.
Reclining featureReclining feature
Reclining feature

You may also step on rollers behind so the whole body can be reclined according to your preference and for ergonomic use. Also reclining it will start the machine.

Upon using it, you will see the rollers moving, the clean water tank starts working, and then you can glide it on your desired surface. 
Glides easily on the surface
Glides easily on the surface

In our case, we opted to use it mostly on the floors of our living room and kitchen area. Upon running this device through our space. We noticed the tiles instantly became "squeaky clean". It leaves a matte feel that by touching it you'll know is definitely spotless. The tiles also looked more polished as if it was scrubbed thoroughly.

Our tiles install became squeaky clean!

That is because the roller mop rapidly rotates in a way not harmful to the surface along with gradually applying water coming from the tank.

We were also able to eradicate the stains we couldn't do through manual scrubbing in one or two rolls. Although it is not as perfect as other hard stains can't be removed immediately. But they looked less noticeable compared to before. We believe by applying more effort over time will completely take the stains away.
Suction mode
Suction mode

Trying the Suction mode, this one is for lighter tasks such as removing dust, cobwebs, or any light material that can fit it. In this mode, the H12 works similarly to traditional vacuum devices. It got strong wind that sucks out the dust on the floor flawlessly.

We also notice that the Dreame H12 is easy to glide on the edges or corners of our flat. From the living room to the dining area, near the doors, walls, and even the corners of the stairs.
Back in the charging station
Back in the charging station

After using it, you can put the H12 back into the charging station and the self-cleaning process will begin. Yes, you read that right. You don't need to put an effort into cleaning the device as it is designed intelligently to clean by itself.

It even has a self-cleaning mode!

You will know this as the roller mop will rotate and the water on the tanks will start moving continuously until it is finished. 

One thing to note though is that the self-cleaning feature won't work if the device is on low battery levels (around 10 percent). So just leave it at the plugged dock and will charge eventually after reaching the needed battery percentage.

Speaking of battery, it can be used for approximately 30-35 minutes as advertised by the company. We noticed that the motor drains the battery quickly but that's alright since it's a powerful machine that cleans very fast.

Charging it takes a bit longer so it is best to leave the cleaning tool docked all the time so it can be available whenever it's needed.

Quick thoughts

With the help of the Dreame H12 we were able to clean our home with ease and efficiency. In our short time with it, we think that it works as advertised.

It may be pricey at PHP 25,990 on first look, but getting items like these can save you time and effort. 

Removing stains, dust, or even worse than that like paints, grease, and animal dirt can be time-consuming. Hence removing lighter dirt is proven to give you less work by using it too.

This could be great for busy professionals or a parent who wants to finish chores as quick as possible to save their precious time and use it on other more important things.

If you're really a busy person and can afford it, this is worth every penny.

What do you guys think?

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