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How to add "Dynamic Island" on your Android?

Apple's Dynamic Island became a hot topic recently and yes your Android phone can have this feature too.
How to add Dynamic Island on your Android
dynamicSpot app

Add Dynamic Island to your Android!

During the launch of the iPhone 14 series, all eyes were on it due to many expectations from Apple's so-called "innovation". One of those will be the Dynamic Island feature. 

The Cupertino-based company can't just get rid of the big notch so they introduced a clever approach that will somehow answer the situation. 

While this feature was first seen on HONOR V20, an Android device, many phones today have it.

How to add "Dynamic Island" on Android?

Apparently, a developer named "Jawomo" created the app called "dynamicSpot" which will give your Android handset this kind of capability.

And just like iPhone's, this application makes use of the display pixel around the notch and will have a notification panel, some shortcuts and as the name suggests, the size and shape change according to the information it displays.
How to set up
How to set up

To set it up, simply select apps that can activate the pop-up, allow the dynamicSpot app to have notification access, and give permission to display floating pop-ups. After those steps, you will be able to use it.

The developer also mentioned that it does not consume data nor share it. Inside the application, you may customize each shortcut or notification according to your liking. 

Of course, you may also modify the size, position, and behavior. You may also turn on two pop-up options for multiple notifications that arrive on your phone.
Using the app
Using the app

There's also a Pro version but costs around PHP 235 to unlock more features. As of now, the application is still in beta only so don't expect it to be as good as Apple's.

So far it performs the job, although changing the position is limited to Y-Axis only which means you can only adjust it up or down. And if your phone's notch is on the left side, it's bad news for you. The size can still be changed to become longer but it looks weird especially if your phone's pill-shape cut-out is not centered.

Either way, this could be a helpful feature for some users. If you're interested you may download the app on Google Play Store.

What do you guys think?

Source: dynamicSpot
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