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Move It motorcycle taxi spotted on Grab Super App!

A month after Grab Philippines acquired the Move It motorcycle taxi firm, the new feature is now available on the Super App.
Inside the app
Inside the app

Move It is now available on Grab!

This is part of Grab's expansion of its services. Originally, they only focused on car and taxi bookings as well as food deliveries. They also have pabili, grocery, logistics, and many more. However, something is lacking to complete their portfolio and that is motorcycle taxi services like "Angkas and Joyride".

As previously stated by Grab's higher-ups, both applications will work independently and upon opening the Super App, you will see the icon "Try Move It now".
The instructions
The instructions

Users will then be given instructions on downloading or simply press "Book via Move It now" which will redirect them to Google Play Store or App Store platforms.

Next is that users must register their contact details via Google or Facebook accounts. Upon doing so, you can book a moto taxi ride and place your pin and drop-off location.

There will also be a special promo code so that users can have a discount on their trips. You will need to enter "TIME2MOVEIT" and get PHP 20 discount which is limited to 4 trips only.

For now, having more competition is good for traveling consumers as they will now have more options to choose from or a faster way to get a booking, not to mention that we may also see competitive prices.

What do you guys think?

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