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Intel is retiring Pentium and Celeron in 2023

Intel is finally retiring the Pentium and Celeron lineup in 2023. Well, at least the names. The old CPUs will now be just called "Intel Processors."
Intel is retiring Pentium and Celeron in 2023
Intel says goodbye to Pentium and Celeron!

Goodbye, Intel Pentium and Celeron!

Remember the days when Pentium meant you have a balling gaming PC? Pentium 4 was the peak Intel performer back in the year 2000. And Celeron is still a popular name to this date, especially in the Philippines. I remember having an eMachines pre-built in 2004 with a Celeron in its core.

Now, these names will be put to rest as Intel announced that it is doing away with them in 2023. In their place will be the "Intel Processor" monicker meant to represent the old CPU lineups as a whole. So if you see an Intel Processor branding in laptops or other devices, you will be safe to assume that it carries the same performance as these older CPUs.

Intel aims to focus more on the premium lineups such as Intel Core, Evo, and vPro CPUs. We might see fewer Celeron and Pentium laptops in the market soon. Chromebooks even started carrying Intel Core processors lately.

What do you guys think?

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