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iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown shows a chunk of plastic on its SIM tray slot

A teardown shows that the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a block of plastic on the SIM tray slot.
iPhone 14 Pro Max teardown shows a chunk of plastic on its SIM tray slot
Screen capture from iFixit

A big piece of plastic inside the iPhone 14 Pro Max!

Based on iFixit, a YouTube channel that does teardown contents on smartphones, Apple seems to have placed a big chunk of plastic on the SIM card tray position. However, this is limited to US versions only.

To recall, iPhone 14 Pro Max US variants are forced to use the eSIM trend thus removing the need for a physical SIM card. International versions will remain the same as before.

Watch the short clip below:

The video shows a plastic spacer, believed to keep a tight fit and leave no space. This likely suggests that Apple has decided not to modify its internals too much and go a simpler way. iFixit commented, "it's about the size of a 2x2 Lego brick and weighs half a gram."
Another image of the said plastic box
Another image of the said plastic box

Still, Apple could've done better by replacing the "space" with something more "useful" such as more batteries for example.

Maybe the American brand wanted to avoid additional manufacturing costs or doesn't want to deal with a more complicated setup. After all, their device itself is already priced ludicrously.

But even then, there's still a noticeable price increase between the current generation and its predecessor.  The iPhone 13 Pro starts at PHP 63,990, and the 13 Pro Max is priced at 70,990. While the iPhone 14 Pro starts at PHP 70,990 and the Pro Max variant will be PHP 77,990.

What do you guys think?

Source: iFixit

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