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OPPO will no longer include chargers in 2023 for "select devices"

OPPO just announced they will no longer ship chargers in select smartphone models starting in 2023.
OPPO will no longer include chargers in 2023 for "select devices"
File photo: SuperVOOC adapter

No more chargers in the box in 2023?

At the OPPO's European launch event, Billy Zhang, VP of overseas and services, mentioned that some of their products won't come off with chargers.

We will take the charger out of the box in the next year for several products. We have a plan. It’s not that easy for consumers to get access to [SuperVOOC chargers], so we have to keep it in the box. However, as we are expanding our business operations, we are looking to take chargers out of the box and put them in the store so that our users are able to buy the chargers and continue using them even when they upgrade their devices, said Billy Zhang, quoted by GSMArena

The company has not yet revealed the names of these phones, but it has stated that customers can still get chargers from their stores and continue to use them for the newer phones they will acquire.

Many popular brands have opted for this move already such as Apple and Samsung due to environmental reasons. Besides this also allows manufacturers to fit more boxes per pallet since the size is smaller.

On the other hand, Samsung and Apple don't really exert much effort on charging speeds that's why a 45W or 20W adapter is compatible with several models.

But that's not the case with OPPO, since they are popular with the high wattage of adapters like with their Reno8 with 80W power brick.

As of now, the Chinese phone maker hasn't stated their reasons for doing this, but we may likely hear that it's because of caring for the environment. 

Still, they stated that they have a plan so we will be keeping our eyes on this one.

What do you guys think?

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