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Xiaomi MIJIA Washer and Dryer with an OLED touchscreen unveiled!

Xiaomi recently launched a new MIJIA Washing and Drying Machine model that comes with a colored touchscreen panel and more.
Xiaomi MIJIA Washer and Dryer with an OLED touchscreen unveiled!
The new Xiaomi MIJIA Washer and Dryer 

The OLED touchscreen imitates the UI design found in mobile phones

The new appliance has an upper drainage design and is allegedly capable of washing clothes weighing up to 10 kilos. 

Moreover, the Xiaomi MIJIA Washer and Dryer feature a full-color touch screen that looks closely similar to the visual UI design of smartphones. It has a clear 32-degree golden viewing angle, hence the user doesn't need to lean over when operating.

According to the tech giant, the MIJIA Washer and Dryer utilizes steam sterilization which is said to have a stronger penetrating power. The company also boasts that the washing and drying machine has a 99.99 percent sterilization rate, a 99.99 percent virus removal rate (H1N1 influenza A), and a 100 percent mite removal rate.

Xiaomi noted that a small amount of water is needed to heat quickly and generate steam to fill the inner cylinder. Meanwhile, it is also equipped with an independent steam sterilization button, that can be paired with various washing programs.

Reportedly, this technology enables easier elimination of bacteria but prevents cloth damage and lessens wrinkles. It is also said to decrease friction and tune down the washing noise as low as 50dB.

The company also claims that a built-in direct-drive motor can precisely control the speed.  In addition to this, Xiaomi said that the motor makes the magnetic levitation drive principle that makes the inner cylinder rotates smoothly.

For connectivity, the appliance supports XiaoAI voice control for the configuration of wash modes and preset the wash time. After the laundry is done, XiaoAI speakers will inform the user either by voice or music. 

Also, it will signal so that the clothes drying rack will automatically drop and the lights will be automatically turned on to facilitate the collection of clothes.

The Xiaomi MIJIA Washer and Dryer is available in dark gray color only.

China price with direct to PHP conversion (no taxes and duties yet):

Xiaomi MIJIA Washer and Dryer - CNY 2,399 (or around PHP 19.7K)

The MIJIA Washing and Drying Machine is currently sold for pre-order in China. Xiaomi did not announce yet if it will release this outside this country yet.

Source: Xiaomi Today

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