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ICYMI: Printable version of National IDs started rolling out!

The pilot test for the "Printable" digital version of National IDs began after PhilSys made an announcement last October 5, 2022.
ICYMI: Printable version of National IDs started rolling out!
National ID sample

Printable National IDs are now rolling out!

Sometime in July 2022, the PSA already mentioned their plan for the "Printable" digital copy apart from the Mobile app version of National IDs. 

The government is doing this to cope with the delays in distributing the Physical cards as millions have already registered to the most powerful ID system.

PhilSys mentioned that those who are already registered can now print the digital copy on the authorized centers and laminate the ID.

PSA repeated that ePhilID is a valid proof of identity as it is embedded with the Philsys Card Number, name, blood type, gender, marital status, birth date and place, address, photo, generation date, and security-protected QR code.

The printed ePhilID shall be honored and accepted as the official government-issued identification document of a person for his or her transactions in all national government agencies, local government units (LGUs), government-owned and controlled corporations (GOCCs), government financial institutions (GFIs), financial institutions, and private sector, says PSA

The agency continued that the QR code has some demographic information of the user's photo for simpler verification. Also, the QR code's public-private key cryptography will serve as the protection of the ID.

You may check the authenticity of the ePhilID on this PhilSys Checker. If the ID is legitimate, the system will display a successful verification message and should match the demographic information including the owner's photo seen on the printed version.

Currently, the rollout is available in selected areas such as NCR, Bulacan, and Pampanga as stated by the National Statistician Undersecretary, Dennis Mapa.

For more information please visit the source link below.

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Source: PSA

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