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Apple gets fined USD 19 million in Brazil due to not including chargers

Apple is facing more fines in Brazil, USD 19 million in fact, due to its decision to not include chargers with its iPhone devices.
Apple gets fined USD 19 million in Brazil due to not including chargers
File photo: iPhone 13 Pro

Apple issued a USD 19 million in Brazil for not including chargers

A month ago, Brazil ordered Apple to stop selling iPhones in the country if the company will not include a power adapter. It was also previously fined BRL 12.28 million or around USD 2.34 million because of this.

Now, Apple is again being fined an additional BRL 100 million or around USD 19 million by the Sao Paulo civil court after it lost a lawsuit filed by the Brazilian Consumers' Organization. The lawsuit revolved around the fact that for iPhones to work a second purchase (the power adapter) needed to be made.

Additionally, Apple must provide chargers to all consumers in Brazil who bought iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 series models in the past two years. The company is also required to include the adapter in the box for future purchases.

Apple has a chance to appeal before the decision about the case has been finalized.

The tech giant cited environmental concerns regarding electronic waste for its decision to not include the power adapted in the box since 2020. Apple was not alone in this sentiment as other companies also followed suit.

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Source: Barron's
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